Family Office

You are a person with a particular social status. For this very reason you are aware that this circumstances do not only carry advantages but you are also faced with above-average dangers and risks.

We offer an intelligent crisis management concept in which the protection is not based on a theoretical maximum risk but on the real danger posed by certain situations at a certain time in a certain place. Our world-wide availability around the clock, on 365 days a year, is also part of this concept.

The basis of this concept is a general risk assessment and a physical security check of your residences or whereabouts. After the in-depth assessment the Toribos experts will make recommendations for the minimization of your personal risk. By means of this risk assessment we are able to define the best level of security for you and your family on the one hand, and on the other hand we get to know your better and are therefore in a position to respond to your needs in an emergency without time delay.

General Risk Assessment

The objective of this analysis is to identify both, risks and weak points especially in your private life. Of course, possible occupational risks that could have consequences for the security in your private life are also included.

Security Checks

The check of the existing technical and organizational measures at your residence (as well as other possible properties, like e.g. school or other residences) is one important feature of our service. The existing security level will be identified and assessed on the basis of the real risk analysis. The most important criteria are the quality of the existing security measures as well as the coherence. This explicitly includes the domestic staff (training, background checks before employment).

Crisis Planning

The quick and reasonable reaction in a crisis situation is important for the success of the crisis management. Together with you we determine who can act in a crisis situation, the composition of the crisis team and which tasks have to be executed. Furthermore, fundamental decisions can already be made. The results are summarized in a “Crisis Manual” for the family.